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        1. 書香門戶

          三面環山 四河匯水 藏風聚氣





          Good household village as an ancient Taihang mountain village, a long history, as early as in the end of the Warring States changping war, here is the qin army into the east of the only place, still retains many surrounding and changping war related place names. By the Tang and Song dynasties, it had become a large village with mixed names, and in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it developed into an important and prosperous place of local commerce. After thousands of years of historical vicissitudes and current events, the residents living here have created such exquisite villages and profound culture with their unique way of life.

          The name of lianghu village has a long history, at least in the Ming Dynasty wanli years have this name, up to now also has a history of more than 400 years. It is said that in the Tang Dynasty, guo and Tian families built a village here, called "Lianghu", and then evolved into "Lianghu". After the Song Dynasty, wang, Li, Qin, Zhao, Zhang, Gao, Shao, Song, Ning, Su, Dou and other foreign families moved here, the population increased and the village expanded. The village now has a total of 505 households, more than 1500 people, covering an area of 3.7 square kilometers. In 2006, it was awarded shanxi Provincial Historical and cultural Village by Shanxi Provincial government, and in 2007, it was announced as the third batch of Chinese Historical and cultural Village by the Ministry of Construction and the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.

          Good village location is very particular about, can be said to be "mountain water around, feng shui alone good". Good village geographical location, north pillow Fengwing mountain, south of shuanglongling and Hutou Mountain, west leaning on niujiao Mountain (Gaoping Guan Laolma Ling), Minggong river around the village, can be said to be surrounded by mountains on three sides, four rivers confluence, Tibetan wind gather gas, form shengbao.

          Good household village as a Chinese historical and cultural village to retain a considerable number of Ming and Qing dynasties dwellings, temples and other ancient buildings, but also relatively complete inheritance of the streets, out of the flag mountain, qing God will, 100 Bridges, send ghost king, sun Dragon King, street light, meet god, many unique folk customs and folk culture. Lianghu village retains a large number of material and cultural historical remains, showing us a beautiful picture of traditional Farming culture in Rural China.


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