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        1. 景區景點

          三面環山 四河匯水 藏風聚氣






          Yuxu view, here is our best preserved ancient temple, is a state-level cultural relic protection unit, was built in the Jin Dynasty, more than 800 years ago.

          Grand scale, the original three into the courtyard, the front hall has been demolished, to build the school classrooms, the existing nave, the rear hall is relatively complete. At present, there are two courtyards preserved, 98 meters long from north to south, 35 meters wide from east to west, covering an area of 3,500 square meters, the main hall is about 10 meters high, on the xumi block engraved with "April 16th, 18th year of Jin Dading, Zhao Cong, Zhao Jin, North Zhao Zhuang."

          After the palace is built for the Jin Dynasty, but the yuan dynasty style is retained at present, the temple was rectangular, three into the width, four deep rafter, beam structure has obvious Yuan dynasty style, the surface is five rooms wide.

          Jade is straight edge type, virtual view window and window decoration sawtooth lines of wood, with the city at the same time preserved ancient dwellings, the country's earliest JiShi dwellings, 須彌座 im the lad could figure innocently, steps above the present characteristics of yuan dynasty, appear a large fang, rough beams, exquisite tracery, monuments, and a piece of the yuan dynasty scholar, Tell us this indoor already was yuan dynasty space, just can be Ming and qing dynasty period. Glazed roof ridge for the Yuan dynasty craft, both ends of the dragon crest decoration for swallowing ridge shape, intended to longxing water, to prevent the wood structure of the fire worry.

          Rear hall, the top of the door like a flame is called the flame door, its shape is a bit like a yurt, this door actually reflects the jin Yuan architecture style, that is, the nomadic culture and the han culture of the combination of architectural style. For example, the Belt and Road Initiative being implemented in China is also promoting the integration of diverse cultures.


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