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        1. 景區景點

          三面環山 四河匯水 藏風聚氣



          Panlong Village - Lang Mansion is located in the northeast of the village on the highland, villagers used to call it village. Zhaizi east, west and south face cliff, geographical location is extremely dangerous, easy to defend difficult attack. There were watchtowers on the east and west of the stockade, with soldiers stationed on the top and a doorway for people and animals to pass through below. The original wall connecting the watchtowers was demolished in the 1950s, and the bricks were used to build a reservoir nearby. Only the ruins of the walls remained, and now we have restored part of them. Panlong Village was built by the Tian family in the village. The Tian family originally lived in the lower village for generations. In the Ming Dynasty, several brothers of the Tian family did the imperial examination of jinshi county before moving to the village. Tian family generation of officials, talent, expanding, in panlong village to build a lot of high mansions. By the end of the Ming Dynasty, the Tian family had become a famous local gentry in Gaoping and rich. But at the end of the Ming Dynasty, the social turmoil, the rich gaoping generation, caused the desire and repeated occupation of the shaanxi refugees armed forces, the refugees in Jincheng has been entrenched for several years, brought serious disasters to the local people, the Tian family also suffered deeply. Tian Fengji was five years old when his father, Tian Yuyuan, was kidnapped for ransom. In the face of the evil gangster, Tian Fengji stood up, willing to weak body, die for his father, do not want this move even moved the kidnappers, his father released, since leaving a story. Suffering from this ordeal, Tian Yuanyuan returned with his clansmen began to build and manage panlong Village, which was easy to defend and difficult to attack. It was finally built by the Whole clan in the reign of Emperor Kangxi. Also beat back a small group of bandits during the attack, the realization of the whole clan fort self-defense purpose.

          380 years ago, tian Fengji, the owner of the House of the Servant, was born here. Businessmen became rich and poetry was handed down to their families. According to the genealogy of the Tian family, the Tian family became one of the largest families in the village from the generation of Spring characters to the time of the third ancestor Tian Xian. To the sixth tian Kegong tian Kejiu period, two brothers both passed the entrance examination, respectively as Henan Mianchi county and Shandong Laiyang county magistrate, so far tian family reached its heyday. Then field meet in 12 years of high school shunzhi qing jinshi, serving as the emperor kangxi of the feast speak officer, assistant minister, xiaohong, assistant minister, ministry of war assistant minister, has also served as the governor of zhejiang province, also suppressed during served as governor of San Francisco, is wenwu, rare talent, field meet after retired royal, still the GengDou culture carry forward!


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