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        1. 景區景點

          三面環山 四河匯水 藏風聚氣









          High courtyard is located in the west of the village, the Ming Dynasty building, the number one double flower arrangement courtyard. Two exquisite zhaobi, kylin looking at the moon, kylin looking at the sun zhaobi, surrounded by very auspicious flowers, animal brick carvings.

          It is now the wood carving Museum in Ryoto Village, which displays all kinds of exquisite wood carvings.

          Wood carving is a kind of sculpture, which is often called "folk art" in our country. Wood carving can be divided into three categories: three-dimensional round carving, root carving and relief carving. Woodcarving is a job separated from woodworking and classified as "fine woodworking" in our country.

          A variety of folk arts classified by carving materials. Choose quality of a material fine and tough commonly, not easy deformation of tree species such as nanmu, rosewood, camphor wood, cypress wood, ginkgo, aloes, annatto, longan. The art of tree root carving in natural form is "tree root carving". Wood carving has round carving, relief carving, or several techniques. Some also paint paint to protect wood and beautify.

          On June 7, 2008, wood carving was approved by The State Council to be included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.

          Ming and Qing wood carvings refer to the famous wood carvings of the Ming and Qing dynasties.

          The Ming and Qing dynasties flower board, window decoration and other wood carving pendants are the essence of Chinese traditional architecture, but also the concentrated expression of the spirit of traditional culture in architecture. Seek rich in simplicity, seek change in unity, and modern decoration design concept happens to coincide.

          What we show is the wood carved forehead square, finch for, wood carved plaque, wood Windows, wood doors and so on.


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